Running Reports

With txtEngage, you can create various reports for specific time frames and tags. Selecting Reports in the top menu bar allows you to run various reports. Then select the keyword or campaign that you would like to run the report for. You can also choose to run it by Area Code, City, and Tags. You can also select multiple campaigns or keywords to run reports. Choose a specific report period from the drop down menu or select custom dates and choose the beginning and end dates for your report. Your report details will then be displayed. You will also be able to export the data in different file formats and save the report for future use.

Report Templates
Email Notifications

Tagging Incoming Messages

With txtEngage, you can sort your messages and create groups using Tags. You can apply Tags two ways, by manually sorting through the messages and adding Tags individually, or setting up Auto Tags to automatically apply Tags based on certain words or phrases.

Auto-Grouping (Auto-Tagging)

Promoting Your Keyword(s)

Here are some simple tips to get the word out about your new keyword(s)…

Use Your Website
Create Signage
Email Distribution
Train & Involve Your Staff
Television, Radio, & Print Media

Opting In and Opting Out

Members opt in to your mobile community by texting your keyword to your shortcode. For example, a prospective member would text your keyword to your short code to opt in to your mobile community.

Once a user joins your mobile community, they will receive all messages that you send out until they opt out of your mobile community.

Members can opt-out at anytime by texting the word STOP and your keyword.

For example, a member would text STOP and follow the prompts that may follow.

Your Account

You can manage all aspects of your account from the Account Tab…

Changing Username and Password
Billing and Payments
Changing Contact and Business Information

Sending A Message

To send a message, click on the Subscribers Tab. You can select who you would like to send the message to by clicking the box to the left of their number. You can also send a message to all subscribers by clicking the box at the top left of the data set.

You can also filter your list by clicking Filtering Options next to the search button. This will let you filter your subscribers by Keyword, Tag, Region, Area Code, whether they took your survey, number or comments, and dates they replied.

Sent Messages


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