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Text message

Text messaging or “texting” is the common term for the sending of short (160 characters or fewer) text messages from mobile phones using the Short Message Service (SMS). There are over 285 million mobile phone subscribers in the United States. More than 95% of those subscribers are able to send and receive text messages with over 70% of those users sending and receiving text messages on a monthly basis.

Common Question…
What's the difference between Text Messaging and SMS Messaging?

Short code

A short code is a 5 or 6 digit number used to send and receive SMS and MMS messages on cellular networks. Companies that use short codes are approved by the carriers to send text messages into their networks. When you sign up for the txtEngage service, all of your messages will be delivered using short codes ensuring that your message is received by the cellular carriers and delivered to the intended recipient.

Common Question…
What is the difference between a shared and dedicated short code?


Every txtEngage client has their own keyword(s) for creating their unique mobile programs. Members can join your mobile community by texting your keyword to the short phone number (short code) 37020. Examples:

Text PizzaPlace (PizzaPlace is the keyword) to 37020 (37020 is the short code) to join the txtEngage mobile VIP group.

Text SAMPLE (SAMPLE is the keyword) to 37020 (37020 is the short code) to have emergency notifications sent to your mobile phone.

Common Question…
If I reserve 'Jon's Amazing Daycare', how many keywords is that considered?


An auto-reply is simply what the person will automatically receive back when they send your keyword to 37020. Think of it as a confirmation that they are now added to your “contact list”.

Mobile Community

When you have your keyword setup as a subscription allowing people to opt-in and receive text messages from you they are joining your mobile community. A mobile community is made up of all the people who have opted-in to receive periodic updates from you directly to their mobile phone.

Common Question…
What is the difference between text messaging and email?

Groups Tags

Group Tags enable you to segment your mobile community and provide the ability to send messages to those smaller groups inside your mobile community. This is useful for segmenting your list by gender, location, opt-in date or even for delivering messages to your employees.


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