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More and more people use social media on their mobile devices every day. Don’t miss this audience with content that’s not mobile-friendly.

Social-Mobile-FriendlyIn total, 74% of the population uses social media on a regular basis. In the rapidly-growing, tech-savvy generation of 18-49 year olds, over 85% of individuals use social networking sites regularly. Anticipation is that this will only continue to grow as use becomes more simplified and engrained within our daily habits – especially as access to smart devices, which offer constant access to the stimulation of social accounts, continues. At this point, it seems that we’re never far from the next fantastic mobile product innovation or launch, so we can expect that mobile trend is here to stay.

Over 58% of cell phone owners, between ages 18-49, use social media on their mobile device regularly. This number is expected to continue growing also. Over 71% of cell phone owners in the U.S. have a smartphone. As these devices become even larger staples of our everyday lives, we are finding more and more ways to use them for social purposes, which promotes a constantly forward-thinking mobile-social movement. It seems that every day bears witness to the growth of a new social network, centered upon a central and common denominator. From photo sharing networks like Instagram to short videos sharing through Vine to online gaming networks and fantasy sports leagues, everyone can find a place and conveniently communicate through their smartphone or mobile device.

And, with the release of the Apple Watch, we can now expect and even more diverse opportunity for engagement.

If you haven’t undertaken a focus on mobile-friendly social media, it’s important that you recognize the importance of this shift in how people interact through these networks in mobile environments. Smaller screens, smaller fonts, and different interaction points appear in mobile devices, and these differences can vary dramatically depending on the devices age and operating system. As a result, it’s an absolute necessity to make your social content as mobile-friendly as possible to ensure that it is seen and shared by the widest possible audience.

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