txtENGAGE offers a very affordable and effective ongoing marketing solution for promotions at live events and conferences, as well as offering a fantastic means to gather leads and direct/organize attendees at conferences and tradeshows. Our unique text communication platform will help you streamline and organize your communications for the many people who attend and arrange your events. These participants can opt-in to your program to be informed of current programs, in addition to upcoming events and promotions. This will help you create a catalog of loyal and interested individuals that you can communicate with in an ongoing manner, directly to their mobile devices, throughout your event and beyond.

How can text message marketing help your conference or event?
The txtENGAGE SMS marketing program offers a variety of powerful features to improve your mobile communication. You can conveniently engage prospects and attendees by quickly gathering their info and sending them brief, important messages when the time is right. Our online text message marketing application provides an excellent opportunity to promote your brand and gather valuable user data, while providing valuable information and ongoing contact to your most valued customers and attendees.
It’s super easy! You can develop and launch a profitable event marketing campaign within minutes.

Key Features of our SMS Marketing Program for Conferences, Tradeshows and Events:

  • Easy-to-remember keywords offer convenient engagement and automated opt-in.
  • Customizable autoresponses allow you to retain your company voice through text messaging.
  • Fully Automated and customizable survey engine allows information gathering and unique mobile engagement.
  • Unlimited grouping of all subscribers, plus automatic grouping according to specific message content.
  • Users can opt out at anytime with a simple, one word message.
  • Instant and automated e-mail reporting, plus real-time messaging, offer an easy view of mobile program effectiveness.
  • Incoming messages are stored in an inbox similar to a standard email inbox and displayed with detailed user data.
  • Detailed conversation display shows conversation history for all individual subscribers.
  • Target individual subscribers, groups, regions, and more, with detailed info and direct mobile messaging.