Your local adult and youth sports/recreation leagues require a lot of communication, especially if you’re a coach or organizer. There are lot of participants, officials, practices, games, and tournaments, to juggle and communication is key for all involved. How do you manage it all? Phone calls are extremely time consuming and intrusive within people’s already busy schedules and e-mail inboxes are already filled with noisy junk. Why not overcome all of it by contacting people directly through their mobile phones?

txtENGAGE’s capable software works with youth and adult sports and recreation leagues at all levels. We can provide urgent, important, and value-driven text-based communication for any organization, from small local leagues to large park and recreational departments. Here are just a few ways our mobile communication program can help your recreational organization:

Weather Alerts – Contact all your players, parents, organizers, and officials, within seconds when nasty weather threatens games and events. Keep participants and spectators safe by conveniently notifying them of changes and cancellations in advance.

Field Condition Notifications – Easily inform participants of field conditions that may impact games and/or practices. Prevent damage to facilities and extended maintenance to fields by keeping people aware of areas to take care in or avoid.

Reschedules & Relocations – Send quick notifications of game and event reschedules or relocations. Don’t spend time trying to convey last minute changes through phone calls, hoping for answers or leaving messages that may never be heard. Contact people directly with text messaging.

Game, Event, & Deadline Reminders Ensure that you draw the biggest audience to games and events with convenient reminders. Don’t spend time waiting for payments and sign-ups. Just send a short text message reminder and you’ll see improved results every time.

Surveys & Feedback Request feedback and conduct surveys directly through customized and automated text message conversations. Let our capable software do the texting while you gather valuable information from valued participants.

These aren’t the only uses for our excellent program. Contact txtENGAGE today to improve communication and productivity while addressing people through their preferred digital medium.