It’s time that your marketing creativity and ingenuity were unchained. Text message marketing takes your retail promotion strategies to the next level. Run a complex and results-driven text message marketing campaign with incredible ease. The power of txtENGAGE’s business texting platform lets you take your mind off the technicalities and focus on implementing an efficient, highly effective retail marketing campaign that makes use of cutting-edge technology.

Text Message Marketing Campaigns Bring Retailers Real Results

Consumers just aren’t like they used to be. Now they’re more knowledgeable, and more informed. This makes it increasingly more critical for retail businesses to communicate with current and potential customers. Doing so is made easy when business texting is the means of communication. Think about it. All of your clients have cellphones in there hands. Have you ever gotten a text message that you didn’t check? Neither have any of your clients.

What is SMS marketing for businesses really all about? This innovative technology puts your marketing message directly in the pocket of your loyal customers.

Before this breakthrough development arrived, if you were running a special sale with prices that you only wanted to make available to certain customers, what would you do? Send out a mailer, right? Possibly you would use email to notify the customers on your list. Such approaches used to be the the only way to get the job done, but they’re also time consuming, and hardly as effective as you’d like.

Email and print marketing only have a 4% response rate combined!

Business texting is the solution to all those past woes, it’s both effective and takes very little time to implement. You can do so much with the software, not only sending text messages to customers, but also mobile coupons. It saves time, money, and even paper.

Best of all great campaigns have response rates of up to 50%!

Things you can do with Business Texting:
Put up displays in your stores and cross promote with your existing marketing and social media letting customers know that if they text the keyword “DISCOUNT” to 37020 they will get 10% off their purchase just by showing the cashier their confirmation message. Once they text you they automatically join your text list.

  • Text clients ahead of time to remind them about appointments.
  • Create contests. Tell customers customers that anyone who purchases in the 2 hours will be entered to win a $50 gift card.
  • Create text club special promo sales that only the text club can get.
  • Is it a slow or rainy day? You can get some customers in the door by sending out a mobile coupon announcing 20% off.
  • Promote sales and big events with ease and know your clients are going to see them.
  • Announce company updates, and presales
  • Get as creative as you want to engage your text club and get them to keep coming back for more.