The real estate industry has changed. Buyers see a house for sale that they are interested in and are no longer satisfied with going home, contacting the listing agent and waiting for them to respond with information about the house. The buyer wants information now and if the flyer box is empty or the listing agent is busy and can’t answer the phone, the buyer will be gone. What can an agent do to avoid this?

txtENGAGE’s SMS marketing system allows potential buyers to instantly gain information about a particular home using their cell phone. You can reach more potential buyers, increase the chances of selling the home, and give clients access to valuable information on demand.

Potential buyers simply text a code that is listed on the lawn sign or in your agency window and are given pertinent information regarding the listing in a simple, concise message or by clicking on a link to an informational web page that is sent to them via text message. In seconds the potential buyer knows the price, number of bedrooms and baths, and other pertinent information about the house. If the potential buyer is interested in pursuing the listing further, the two-way systems allows the buyer to setup a viewing or receive a call back from the listing agent, all via text message.

How text message marketing works for Real Estate Agents and Agencies:

  • Potential buyers simply text in key words like “ 1174 hillsdale” to the short US code 37020 and will instantly receive information about the property.
  • Should a potential buyer request further information, a return phone call, or to book a viewing, the message will be instantly sent to your email address or cell phone allowing you to quickly follow-up with the lead.
  • You can save client information allowing you to send further information about other listings that meat their wishes via business text messaging. Since text messages are seen within 5 minutes and opened 98% of the time, you know your communications will reach your clients first.
  • Our SMS API allows clients to create a custom search and get instant information about listings and rentals that meet their criteria. No more waiting. Communicate efficiently and effectively through direct texting.

txtENGAGE’s business texting system is fully customizable. It allows you to send specific information to the inquirer, offer an assortment of listings to the potential client based on price, neighborhood, or category, or simply keep your clients informed of your latest listings.

The benefits of our SMS marketing system are many. Our text messaging marketing platform benefits not only the consumer, but also frees up your time by streamlining lead generation which allows you to increase the time spent selling to your clients. Efficiency like this means cost-effectiveness as well. You save money on printing expensive flyers, chasing dead-end leads, and placing classified ads.

The real estate market is competitive so having a system in place that not only benefits your customers, but puts you in the lead is invaluable. This system is a flexible, forward thinking, business texting system that not only generates leads on its own, but gives your customer the information they seek when they want it which makes you stand out from other agents.

Text Message Marketing For Realtors

In a competitive housing market, it’s important that house hunters can get the information they need for a listing on demand as listings come and go within days and to buy their dream home, they may need to act fast. It’s also important that real estate agents are able to capture contact information on leads for potential parties to turn interested browsers into home buyers. Capturing contact information for potential buyers will give an agent necessary contact information that they can use to reach out and introduce themselves and offer to help them procure the home they’re looking for.

Introducing Text Message Marketing for Real Estate Agents

As it turns out, one in three people in America prefer to be contacted by text than by phone call or email. Text message marketing is a permission-based form of marketing and communication that capitalized on the ease and popularity of text messaging. With text message marketing, an agent can send important information for a listing in an auto-responding text message that anyone with a cell phone can get on demand with a simple text message.

How it works

A potential home buyer sees an interesting home or property for sale and wants more information. They can simply text the keyword associated with a listing to the short code posted on the sign and within seconds they’ll receive the most import information about the property, a link to more information, and contact information for the listing agent. When this happens, the listing agent will capture the cell phone number and any other information they might want to capture and which house they inquired about and can reach out the them personally about the listing and others that could fit the bill.