Almost all churches, congregations, religious and faith-based groups are trying to find new ways to stay in touch with group members. Text message marketing is the most reliable way to contact these people directly and know that your message will be seen. If you have a website, blog, or social media page, you’re already trying to reach your followers through digital channels, but many messages can be lost in the mass of competing communications that already exist. These communication channels work much better when they are supported by a successful and helpful text marketing program. 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes, so you can only imagine the reliability of reminding subscribed users to participate in events, promote programs, or provide feedback. This is the immediate impact you’re looking for when communicating with your community.

Direct Mail vs E-Mail vs Mobile Marketing

For as long as most of us can remember churches and other religious organizations have relied upon mail to communicate directly with their growing communities of participants. However, as we’ve seen a change in the amount of junk mail delivered to peoples’ mailboxes, it’s difficult to have a mailer read without hand-addressing each one. Organizers have shifted toward e-mail communication, only to find that the low-cost and easy-access have resulted in the same junk mail overflow, making it hard to get legitimate and important messages seen, let alone read. As e-mail has shown it’s ineffectiveness, many have turned to social media. However, statistics show that only 22% of emails will be read, compared 29% of tweets and 19% of Facebook posts, so there’s not much improvement via this medium.
Now compare the above statistics to the fact that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. That’s incredible! Recipients love the limited engagement of 140-160 characters and the total control of how and when they respond, with no downloads, logins, or passwords required to access messages. Most people are carrying their cell phones or smartphones with them at all times, which means your message will hit them while they’re mobile and likely to take action or respond.

How can text message marketing work for your church?

  • Encourage members to join the community text club for prayer requests, event reminders and more.
  • Allow members to send prayer requests, comments, concerns, and more, in a confidential and convenient text message
  • Promote church functions, food drives, charity events, volunteer activities, and donation drives with ongoing messaging.
  • Gather feedback and survey responses from followers, or collect information from visitors and new members
  • Create groups according to age, sex, activity, or anything you determine, in order to organize ongoing group communication.
  • Create contests and trivia campaigns to engage your audience and target the younger, mobile crowd.
  • Send out daily prayers, scriptures, and inspirational quotations to connect more deeply with your community.