Text message marketing can be an extremely useful tool for cafes and coffee shops to communicate directly to loyal customers, particularly young consumers, college students, and the business crowd, since these age groups and lifestyles tend to be most active on mobile devices. And with more mobile phone subscriptions than people in the United States, you can rest assured that a large portion of your target audience will be interested in receiving your messages in mobile form. So, how can it work for your business?

Customers Love Coupons

Sending out coupon codes on a regular basis is an ideal way to push additional traffic to your store during typically slower times, such as afternoons, hot summer days, or holidays. Customers often sign up for text loyalty programs simply because they like to receive your coupons and a little savings goes a long way to earning a sale. Providing subscribers an amazing offer each week is not only a really good way to score positive marks with your favorite customers, but also a way to encourage more people to join your program – by showing them what their missing.
Mobile coupons reach customers when they are often already on the move which makes them much more likely to respond. This is a great opportunity to contact customers directly, creating awareness and reminding people how thirsty or hungry they are. Marketing executives are quickly realizing the incredible potential of this very basic communication tool. It’s time you do to.

Here Are 4 More Ways Coffee Shops Can Use Text Messaging
To Improve Customer Experiences…

Keep Customers Informed

Make customers aware of upcoming events, specials, changes, and much more. Keep your closest customers in the loop for all the fun you have planned at your shop. This can even be a great way to call your mobile community to action for social causes and fundraisers. You know your audience best, so send them the messages they want to read.

Ask For Feedback

Create calls-to-action requesting feedback from your customers or conduct customized surveys using our capable software. This provides an excellent and convenient method for customers to communicate directly with you in a quick and concise manner. Once they’re finished taking your survey, be sure to request that they join your mobile subscriber list, if they haven’t already joined.

Communicate With Staff

Your employees have cell phones and they like to use them just as much as your customers do. Why not contact them by text message? The likelihood is that they’re already using this technology constantly, so they’d prefer to receive messages from you via this channel as well. No more voice mails or unresponsive e-mails; contact staff quickly and reliably with text messaging.

Spread Joy & Create Loyalty

Take advantage of your connection to customers by taking a moment to spread a positive message, celebrate a holiday, or wish your community well. If you’d like, attach a promotional offer to increase the positive vibes and encourage deeper connections with customers, which will turn into brand loyalty.

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