Most successful businesses have chosen an effective blend of marketing methods that are appropriate to their target audience. While there may be a wide array of options to choose from, such as email, newspaper, radio, and direct mail, none of these channels offers a more personalized and direct approach than text messaging. People are constantly using their phones and have them within reach every hour of every day, so this is the most logical place to contact them with important information and offers.

SMS Marketing Software For Bars
txtENGAGE provides a text message communication platform that is both, affordable and convenient, while remaining highly effective at driving traffic to your bar or nightclub, which will inevitably result in more sales. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, and the average target audience of 18-35 year olds that frequent bars and nightclubs are the most frequent users of the technology. Don’t miss this excellent opportunity. txtENGAGE mobile marketing promotions are extremely successful at creating value for both customers and businesses. They offer real rewards and are directly targeted to your desired and loyal audience. Your customers are already texting. Engage them with contests and exclusive offers that will build even greater dedication to your brand over time. Jump into the mobile movement and turn text messaging into a popular and profitable communication channel for your bar or nightclub.

How text message marketing works for Bars:

  • Post signs around your bar that say Text “KEYWORD” to 37020 & join our text club to get 50% OFF 1 SHOT and receive more amazing future offers!
  • You can also run fun contests and giveaways to drive enrollment in your mobile loyalty program.
  • Require patrons to show the response code to their bartender for redemption.
  • Later, on a slow or rainy day, offer an excellent text special to encourage customers to come in for drink specials.
  • Use social media and other existing marketing/communication channels to encourage enrollment in your text program, which will later turn to sales opportunities.