Bars & Nightclubs

Bars & Nightclubs are always competing to attract young and trendy individuals to stop in for a drink, some dancing, or even more. Text messaging provides a fool proof way to reach out to one of the most active mobile communities, by contacting them directly through their phones. Don’t have your messages lost in the mess of e-mails and social posts, just send a text message and watch the response.

Cafes & Coffeeshops

Coffee-lovers are always looking for an extra excuse to buy a delicious espresso drink, and these are some of the most loyal customers around. Why not reward them with mobile coupons texted directly to their cell phones? This is a great opportunity to stay in touch with promotions and rewards for your favorite, loyal customers. Get started building your mobile community today!

Childcare, Schools, & Universities

Communication is important to any Educational Institutions and Childcare Providers, especially in times of emergency. txtENGAGE promotes great parent engagement while providing important access to convenient text-based communication in times of need. Don’t rely upon e-mails and time-consuming phone calls tom communicate important information. Contact parents and participants directly through their mobile phone.

Churches & Religious Groups

Churches and Religious Groups face many challenges in communicating with congregation and group members regarding events and prayer requests, while it’s always difficult to communicate with guests and new members. txtENGAGE promotes great community engagement and information gathering ability through custom mobile surveys and notifications, while offering great access to convenient text-based communication in times of need.

Conferences, Tradeshows, & Live Events

Conferences, tradeshows, and live events often face challenges in communicating with large groups of attendees, participants, speakers, and more. From delays and cancellations to venue changes and urgent notifications, txtENGAGE offers organizers easy access to attendees and team members through convenient text-based communication.

Golf Courses & Country Clubs

Golf Courses & Country Clubs often face challenges in filling tee times and communicating with golfers. From weather delays and tee-time cancellations to tournament scheduling and course condition notifications, txtENGAGE offers golf pros & course organizers easy access to their members and customers through text message communication.

Non-Profits, Clubs, & Organizations

No more voicemails or unread e-mails. Clubs and Organizations are using txtENGAGE to notify members and parents regarding schedule changes, cancellations, and even to promote upcoming events, with a quick text message directly to their mobile phones. This is a great way to increase event attendance and better engage your community.

Real Estate & Property Management

Real Estate Professionals & Property Managers face many challenges in communicating with existing and prospective clients and tenants. Scheduling property showings and maintenance, as well as building customer contact points for future communication, is extremely important for any real estate pro. txtENGAGE offers easy access to communication through the preferred convenience of text messaging.

Restaurants & Take-Out

Communicating with with customer that love your brand has never been easier! Customer feedback and surveys are no longer time-consuming and bothersome through the convenience of text messaging. txtENGAGE offers Restaurants & Take-Out Establishments the ability to collect customer info, and promote mobile coupons and loyalty rewards to regular, repeat customers directly through their cell phones.

Retail & Service Businesses

Here’s an opportunity to send your favorite customers promotional and informational offers directly to their mobile phones, when they’re in their most active moments and more likely to respond with action. Your customers are already using their phones constantly, so give them fun and exciting things to look at by sending relevant messages to a targeted audience that is looking to buy. Start your program today!

Sports & Recreation Leagues

Sports and Recreation Leagues often face challenges in scheduling. From weather delays and cancellations to tournament scheduling and notifications, txtENGAGE offers coaches and organizers easy access to their teams and team members through convenient text-based communication.