STEP #1: Choose A Keyword

We’ll help your organization choose a customized mobile keyword. This keyword will be the identification word that users address when engaging with you by text. When choosing a keyword, it’s important to find a recognizable word or short phrase that is easy to remember and effectively represents your goals.

Once active, the keyword may be engaged by addressing text messages to our short code phone number, 37020, and inputting the keyword as the first word of the message text before sending.

For example: Text “KEYWORD” to 37020.


STEP #2:  Craft Your Auto-Responses

Once you’ve chosen your keyword, we will work with you to develop customized automated responses (auto-responses) that will be sent back to users following text messages directed at your keyword.

These responses can include:

– Information Sharing or Gathering

– Customized Surveys

– Opt-In Requests

– And Much More

We can even create customized “tag” words designed to automatically search incoming text messages and group them according to their content. This is especially useful in listening to your audience and developing groups for targeted communication.



STEP #3: Create A Call-To-Action

Now that you’ve chosen a keyword and crafted your auto-responses, we’ll help you create an effective call-to-action that encourages desired users to engage your keyword.

For example:

– Enter to Win! Text “KEYWORD” to 37020

– Text “KEYWORD” followed by your comment to 37020

– Join the Club! Text “KEYWORD” to 37020 and respond to the prompts.

Once created, we’ll assist you in integrating the messaging across all your communication channels.



STEP #4: Contact Your Mobile Community

Our easy-to-use software is very similar to the standard e-mail account you may already be used to.
Incoming messages are stored in your inbox, while outgoing messages are easily created by
selecting recipients from your subscriber list, typing a 140 character message, and pressing send.

All communication requires users to interact with the program first, so every step of the process is
entirely permission-based. Users can remove themselves from the contact list at any time by simply
texting “STOP” to 37020.


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