Our Company

txtENGAGE is a full-service Mobile Marketing Company based in Boise, Idaho. We help businesses and groups integrate mobile channels within comprehensive communication and marketing programs. The company is an Application Service Provider (ASP) specializing in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) through the use of our unique, “software as a service” (SaaS) tool, which offers integrated mobile engagement, customer feedback, and text marketing opportunities. The product enables clients to use multiple, custom SMS text message conversations to garner feedback and survey responses, make suggested improvements, and target mobile marketing efforts.

txtENGAGE is powered by a comment/suggestion engine, custom surveys, and a mobile marketing module. Customers begin the exchange by simply texting in a comment about their experience with a product or service. That comment is automatically tagged with demographic data, including the customer’s city, state, and zip code. At the merchant’s preference, the customer may then be asked to complete a brief text-based survey and/or opt-in to receive future deals or news from the merchant, via future text messages. Drawing from these customer interactions, the merchant is then able to use the reporting module to regularly analyze feedback, while leveraging the marketing module to send targeted news and promotions carefully directed at segmented groups of their loyal customer base.

Our Mission

txtENGAGE’s mission is to promote open, productive relationships between businesses and their customer bases through application of our unique software as a powerful tool in the use of SMS text messaging to gain both, customer feedback and targeted marketing opportunities.

Our Address:

PO Box 6982
Boise, ID 83707

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Idaho: (208)639-1239
Toll-Free: (800)213-1309

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